Today, many wines rely on a fancy logo and maybe a feel-good story. It’s true that Ah-So Wines have a fun story and a great design, but we also know that great wine starts in the vineyard. No matter if it’s in a can or bottle.

While Carrie Chiappetta is not your typical wine industry veteran, she is a wine and outdoor enthusiast. She loves to be outside with friends and family whenever she can. While there were canned wine options out there to suit her lifestyle, none met her standard for responsible farming and organic practices in the vineyards. With those principals in mind, Ah-So was born.

Ah-So was founded in Colorado in 2018 by Carrie Chiappetta, Carlos Lopez, and Dustin Chiappetta. Produced in Navarra Spain from Carlos’s family vineyards, each can starts with the obsession for the careful cultivation of each individual vine.

Ah-So is 100% organically farmed, estate produced and hand-harvested without the use of herbicides or pesticides.

a taste of Spain


To ensure the quality of the wine. The Lopez de Lacalle family purchased a canning machine from Boulder, CO, and shipped it to Navarra to allow them to can the wines at the estate. Canning our wines at the estate is essential to preserving the freshness and authenticity of our terroir.



Ahso Rose


Ahso White


Ahso Red


Ahso Bubbles

sweet, clean, refreshing

Top of the Class

As a Hospitality Executive, and Wine enthusiast, connoisseur and former buyer, I’ve seen many canned wine products over the years, most of them underwhelming... Ah-so has unlocked the secret to capturing a sense of place in a canned wine. Ah-So is in a class of it’s own in this category.

Frank, CA


Easy to Share

As an avid camper I have been disappointed with the quality of canned wines. I was starting to lose hope that I would have to drink beer with everyone else. Then I discovered Ah-So! I always pack a little extra to share with friends 🙂

Nija, CO

perfect size

Bubbly Home Run

I love an Aperol Spritz, but hate wasting a bottle when I only want one. Then I discovered Ah-So Bubbles, perfect size for one at home or the park!

Melissa, CO


Road Trip Perfect

My wife and I were on a road trip! Lobster Rolls & Ah-So Rosé...Ahhhh-sooo devine!

John & Linda, Cape Cod MA

light and refreshing

Simply The Best

Ah-So Rosé is by far one of my favorite drinks. It’s light and refreshing, great for evenings on the porch.

Lauren, TX

crisp and refreshing

Enjoyable wine

Loving Ah-So White this summer - so crisp and refreshing! It is so nice to have such an enjoyable wine in a can. The can is just the right amount for an evening relaxing on my patio after a long day. Cheers!

Elyse, Indiana


The Perfect Sip

“Amazing wine in the perfect serving size when you only want one ... but who just wants one?!"

Lauren, NY


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