Today, many wines rely on a fancy logo and maybe a feel-good story. It’s true that Ah-So Wines have a fun story and a great design, but we also know that great wine starts in the vineyard. No matter if it’s in a can or bottle.

The team at Ah-So knew there were many canned wine options to suit any lifestyle, but none that met the standard for responsible farming and organic practices in the vineyards. With those principals in mind, Ah-So was born.

Ah-So was founded in Colorado in 2018 by Carrie Chiappetta, Carlos Lopez, and Dustin Chiappetta. Produced in Navarra Spain from Carlos’s family vineyards, each can starts with the obsession for the careful cultivation of each individual vine.

Ah-So is 100% organically farmed, estate produced, and hand-harvested without the use of herbicides or pesticides.

“We pay meticulous attention to each stage of the process. We even invested in our own state of the art canning line to capture the freshness of the vineyard.”

Carlos Lopez de Lacalle, Winemaker

taste of spain


To ensure the quality of the wine. The Lopez de Lacalle family purchased a canning machine from Boulder, CO, and shipped it to Navarra to allow them to can the wines at the estate. Canning our wines at the estate is essential to preserving the freshness and authenticity of our terroir.



Produced exclusively from the Lopez de Lacalle vineyards using traditional vinification methods of the region; native yeast and free-run juice. Ah-So rosé is vibrant with strawberries and cranberries with a clean, smooth finish inviting you to take another sip.



Exploring in the village of Artazu, the family found around 20 white Garnacha vines, as well as several “hidden” among their own old vines red Garnacha. In order to preserve this heritage, the family recovered these ancient clones.  Ah-So White is fresh, lively with notes of honey and citrus.



Ah-So Red is produced from nutrient-poor and rugged plots, where the climate is hard and full of contrasts: dry and hot in the summer, and cold and humid in the winter. Matured for two to three months in barrel. Ah-So red is a light and refreshing red with ripe red fruits with velvet tannins.



Grown in the same nutrient-poor soils that produce Ah-So white. The vines enjoy a long maturation that allows the Lopez de Lacalle family to make a complex sparkling wine that is crisp, clean with notes of delicious honeysuckle, stone fruits with a refreshing textured finish.

crisp, clean, refreshing

Drinking rosé all day just got a little easier!

Food pairing is more easy than usual: the delicate flavor and strong acid level make it a good palate cleanser and refreshing wine, so the greatest success is with simpler, cafe or bar-style food.


rosé on the go!

We’ve really dived into canned wines this summer as a way to make out outdoor adventures glass-free and to be able to bring wine along in smaller servings. We’ve tried a few brand’s and winery’s creations and this rosé is the best yet. Cheers to rosé on the go!


Vine to Can

The Lopez de LaCalle family realized immediately that there was something special about the old vineyards they had found. The clone of Garnacha that grew in this village had adapted to the specific micro-climate. Developing into a very unique clone. In fact the birthplace of Garnacha is about 180K south of the town of Artazu. To respect the tradition and Mother Nature the family propagated the new vineyards with cuttings from the old Garnacha vines buried in the hillside.

Today, Ah-So is fortunate to benefit from the foresight of the Lopez de LaCalle family. Their willingness to blend the traditional viticulture methods and embracing the technology of canning wine is the first in Spain. Their commitment to the vineyards remains the same no matter the package. Never using fertilizers or synthetic chemicals. The Lacalle vineyards are farmed with the maximum respect for the environment using organic viticulture. The aim is to produce wines of authenticity and character never compromising. All movements in the vineyard are done manually. All grapes are harvested by hand and fermented using native yeast.


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